It’s time to get real about what women golfers really want.

KINONA arose out of a problem.  We were spending all this money on clothes that we needed, but really didn’t like. Dressing for the rules of the game, a necessary evil. Women’s golf apparel was unflattering, masculine, and lacked style, and why so many boxy polos?   Once we got talking with other women, it was clear that we weren’t alone. No one actually liked their golf clothes. That’s because an evolving (and let’s be real, outdated) dress code was backing women’s golf apparel into a corner. Sleeveless shirts had to have a collar. Skirts couldn’t be too short. Racerback tops? Don’t even think about it. The course-compliant clothes that we needed to feel and play our best just weren’t out there.


Combining our (many) years of experience in the apparel, technology and retail world, we’re out to save women from the unflattering styles that have plagued the game for far too long. Because no matter her shape or size, every woman deserves to feel great doing what she loves.  And if her golf scores improve because of it, so be it.  Here's to a better-looking golf game ladies.


While we support women on the course, our true mission is to empower girls and women in all aspects of their lives. With the help of our Champions, a percentage of the proceeds from each KINONA hosted event will go to a girls' or women’s charity that's close to the hearts of our Champions' community.