Golf apparel for women who inspire, achieve, and uplift.

KINONA arose out of a problem. We were spending all this money on golf clothes that we needed, but really didn’t like. Standard women’s golf apparel lacked style and was missing exciting patterns and cuts. Boxy, masculine polos were taking over our closets.

After talking with other female golfers, it was clear we weren’t alone. Golf clothes were designed to meet the rules, instead of uplifting the women wearing them. Sleeveless shirts had to have a collar. Skirts couldn’t be too short. Racerback tops? Don’t even think about it. The course-compliant clothes that we needed to feel and play our best didn’t exist.

That’s where KINONA started, and we’re still fighting on behalf of women worldwide to achieve more in their communities and on the green.


Combining our many years of experience in the apparel, technology and retail world, we’re here to save women from the unflattering styles that have plagued the game for far too long. Because no matter her shape or size, every woman deserves to feel great doing what she loves. 

Here's to a better-looking golf game, ladies.


At KINONA we believe there's something in the game of golf for everyone. 

That's why we partner with LPGA Girls Golf. 

Empowering young individuals with confidence, supporting them throughout their golf journey, and teaching valuable life skills, what's better than that?

Learn more about the LPGA Girls Golf Foundation on the blog.