An Innovative Approach For Women’s Golf Apparel - KINONA on MODGOLF Podcast

Posted on August 08, 2018 at 03:24 PM

In this week’s ModGolf podcast, hosted by Colin Weston, we had a chance to tell the story of KINONA. With our career in the apparel industry, a friendship that has lasted the test of time, and a love of golf, we’ve reimagined golf clothing for women.

Colin Weston, Partner at REVIVER Sport Entertainment

“It became really clear to us that there wasn’t a golf apparel brand out there that spoke to us, which was the inspiration for creating KINONA.” So we set out to create a brand that makes golf fashion for women who inspire, achieve, and uplift. 

Listen to the full episode here.


The ModGolf Podcast talks with golf's top influencers, entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors about their vision and solutions to reimagine, transform, and grow the game. Host Colin Weston explores the future of golf through conversations with the visionaries and influencers that are shaking up the sport.

Here's to a better-looking golf game, ladies.

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