Sustainable Fashion for a More Sustainable Game

Posted on April 21, 2021 at 07:55 PM

When you pick up a piece of clothing, you probably don’t give much attention to the tags. You might notice that you like the style or feel of the fabric but probably don’t consider the sustainability of the material or how it’s produced. 

Here at KINONA, we are always thinking about how we can bring you clothes that look and feel amazing and also nurture our planet. In celebration of Earth Day, we thought we’d take a moment to shine a spotlight on the sustainable materials in our clothing.  

We believe that what you wear impacts how you play.  And we strive to create fashion and run our business in a way that is sustainable for future generations. 

That’s why from day one, we partnered with ECONYL®, a regenerated fiber made of pre and post-consumer waste that’s kept out of landfills and oceans. We’re proud to join the ranks of other top brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, and Burberry, in choosing ECONYL to create yarn without nonrenewable resources like the coal and petroleum used to make new nylon. 

ECONYL® helps reduce the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90%. For every 10,000 tons of ECONYL raw material, the company saves 70,000 barrels of crude oil and avoids 57,100 tons of CO2 eq. Emissions. 

While most of our competitors use 100% polyester, our Italian fabrics sourced from the women-owned company Carvico, combine ECONYL® high quality regenerated nylon and lycra for superior fit, feel and performance. We can create new products without using new non-renewable resources. And that’s important. Because just like on the greens of a golf course, we must walk delicately on this planet. 

For us, sustainability is more than just a buzzword and we believe that clothing can be comfortable and feminine AND have a lower impact on the planet and its resources. When you buy KINONA, you are supporting innovation in materials processing and sourcing. You are supporting a more sustainable game.

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