LPGA*USGA Inspires 1 Million with Girls Golf - KINONA Partner

LPGA*USGA launches their newest campaign

KINONA has been a proud partner of the Girls Golf program with the LPGA since 2017. The newest campaign is to reach the next 1 million worldwide by 2030 to become part of the great game of golf. 

For KINONA, golf is more than just a game - it’s an opportunity to engage with the community, and break down institutional barriers facing women in sports.

That’s why we’re proud to share our partnership with LPGA Girls Golf, dedicated to inspiring girls to dream big while learning golf.

Girls Golf has been changing the lives of girls (and women) since 1989, empowering with the golf FUNdamentals to be confident both on and off the green.

The History of LPGA*USGA Girls Golf

LPGA USGA Girls Golf Program is a collaborative initiative aimed at introducing and fostering a love for golf among young girls. Founded in 1989, this program is a joint effort between the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and the United States Golf Association (USGA).

Its mission is to provide girls aged 6 to 18 with a supportive and empowering environment to learn and play golf. Through a variety of clinics, tournaments, and educational activities, the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Program encourages camaraderie, leadership, and a lifelong appreciation for the sport.

Four smiling golfers for Girls Golf in colorful sportswear for LPGA* USGA tournament.

Women in History Making Their Mark with Golf

Women have played a vital role in shaping the golf narrative. The history of women's golf dates back to the late 19th century when women started participating in golf clubs and competitions.

One of the pioneers in women's golf is Mary Queen of Scots, who is credited with introducing golf to France during her reign in the 16th century. However, organized women's golf began to take shape in the late 1800s. The Ladies' Golf Union (LGU), founded in 1893, played a crucial role in promoting women's golf in the United Kingdom and beyond.

The United States witnessed a surge in women's golf in the early 20th century. The formation of the Women's Western Golf Association in 1901 and the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship in 1895 marked significant milestones. These events laid the foundation for the growing popularity of women's golf.

The post-World War II era saw a transformative period for women's golf, with icons like Babe Zaharias and Patty Berg emerging as dominant figures. The establishment of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) in 1950 marked a watershed moment, providing a platform for professional women golfers to showcase their talent.

Babe Zaharias 

Babe Zaharias swinging a golf club in black and white.

Over the years, women's golf has seen remarkable players like Annika Sörenstam, Lorena Ochoa, and more recently, Nelly Korda, making indelible marks on the sport. The inclusion of women's golf in the Olympics in 2016 further elevated its global profile.

The LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Program serves as a testament to the continued growth and inclusivity of women's golf. By nurturing young talent and fostering a supportive community, this program contributes to the legacy of women's golf, which has overcome historical challenges to stand as a vibrant and integral part of the broader golfing landscape.

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