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Patty Loeffler - A story of grit, inspiration and empowerment

Every once in awhile, you meet someone and think “wow, they’re charismatic or funny or engaging”.  But rarely do you meet someone and like Patty Loeffler.  She’s not only charismatic, funny and engaging but one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met.  Patty has a very unique background which makes her story all the more inspirational.

Dianne (founder of KINONA) and Patty playing golf together

Dianne Celuch (Kinona's co-founder and Patty Loeffler)

As a co-founder of Kinona one of the highlights over the last 7 years has been the opportunity it has provided me to meet incredible women.  I met Patty a few years ago, as I would notice her out on the driving range and she would always have a Kinona skort on.  This led to me approaching her as a customer and then as a friend.  What I love about Patty is her kindness, her fighting spirit, her optimism, and sweetness.  She is such a lovely woman and inspiration.  If I feel like I had a bad round of golf, or something else negative in my life occurs, I think of Patty and how she would approach it, putting it all in perspective. 

Golf has been a source of kinship and healing for Patty.  She took the time out to send us this note (below).

I love your product line.  There are few products that I absolutely love and when that happens, I want the company and others to know.

I have been buying Kinona merchandise for over 4 years now.  The fabrics are wonderful, and they wash without wrinkles, always holding their shape over time.  The feel of the fabrics is wonderful!!!, and the fabrics stretch so they fit perfectly on my occasional fat days and back to normal on the other days - what a bonus.  The consistency of the color matching is truly amazing, and the brightness of the colors remain over time. This color matching is really a bonus as I have bought some adorable Kinona tops that still match the blues, pinks, etc. the next year. 

I am going through life changing health issues as I have stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. My days can be very tough.  I love to golf and when I’m dressed in the right outfit it makes me feel special.  The Kinona line of clothing has filled that spot, and I love how I feel when I put on your outfits.  I notice the attention to the small details in your lines - as it is fun and it makes a difference - the little strip that holds golf tees in the pockets,  cute, fun and functional.

And as I’d expect with a company that cares for its customers, your return policy has always been super easy. 

Thank you.  Kinona is an absolutely terrific company.

Patty Loeffler

Patty Loeffler golfing in KINONA's women's golf clothes
Patty doing what she loves!

To truly understand Patty's resolve, you must learn about the journey she and her husband Mark have traversed over the years.  A story of love, perseverance and inspiration.  

Patty and Mark Loeffler, both 66, live active lives in Rancho Mirage, California. They are enthusiastic hikers and golfers, and they love to travel — especially to visit their seven grandchildren several states away. The Loefflers are also both living with Stage 4 cancer.

In 2020, after Patty discovered blood in her urine, a urologist friend urged her to see a specialist as soon as possible. At the height of the pandemic, it was a challenge.


Mark and Patty Loeffler hiking in Rancho Mirage.

But that August, tests confirmed the couple’s fears: renal cell carcinoma. They visited several hospitals, but were told it would be at least three months before Patty could have surgery.

Mark was so frustrated, he decided to make a “cold call” to City of Hope’s main line. “I told them we wanted to see the urology department chair. To my surprise, not only were we able to see him within a week, but Patty was able to have her surgery within two weeks. It started a profound journey for us,” he said. 

Another shock — and a new kind of teamwork  

By early 2022, Mark continued to be focused on Patty’s health and his work in corporate finance leadership. He also needed surgery to repair his Achilles tendon.

Preoperative testing showed his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels were elevated. His physician advised having the surgery and then seeing a urologist as soon as he could.

“The urologist identified a mass on my prostate,” Mark said.

A Setback — and a Solution

But the Loefflers faced another challenge: In June, a computed tomography scan confirmed that the nodules in Patty’s lungs had started to grow rapidly. The couple was set to leave for Michigan to be with their grandkids for the summer when Pal convinced them to stay long enough for Patty to undergo a lymph node biopsy. 

Pal called when they were on the road. The lymph node had tested positive. Patty’s cancer was now Stage 4. He asked them to return so Patty could start treatment. Patty balked. They negotiated, agreeing to return in two weeks. 


Loefflers Segway
The Loefflers ride Segways on vacation.

When asked what keeps her going, Patty laughed: “Mark.” 

“The case of Mark and Patty is so unique,” said Pal. “Usually, one can lean on the other, but now with two people going through it at the same time, imagine the conundrum. But they are dealing with it beautifully. They ask more questions about each other than themselves.”

We, at Kinona, are happy to add a little joy into Patty's life when she puts on her golf clothes, feels good about herself, and goes out to play another round and are rooting for her every step of the way.  

Dianne Celuch - co-founder KINONA

Patty Loeffler - A story of grit, inspiration and empowerment