Women's Golf Hats

The best women’s golf apparel depends on the best sun coverage, and these women’s golf hats and visors absolutely deliver. Our women’s golf visors and hats are both ponytail-friendly and easily adjustable, which is especially important on windy days. And, call us biased, but with the KINONA logo front and center - you can’t go wrong. 

  • Woman wearing a white No Hat Hair Visor

    No Hat Hair Visor

    Keep that sun off your face and your hair neatly in place with our adjustable visor.  Ponytail friendly.
  • White We've Got You Covered golf baseball-style cap with Kinona logo with adjustable strap and opening for ponytail.

    We've Got You Covered Hat

    The We've Got You Covered Women's Golf Hat is perfect for those days when you're not having a good hair day. This women's golf hat will protect your hair and your scalp from the sun's UV rays and is a great alternative to a blow-dry to get you looking...

What makes KINONA’s golf hats for women so special?

UPF 50+ sun protection, moisture wicking, style and comfort. You can’t find anything close to KINONA out there.

Why should I wear womens golf hats while I play?

It’s common to think wearing womens golf hats while you play just helps prevent sunburn and while true, it’s also important if you wear womens golf hats for other reasons such as over exposure to the sun which can cause cancer (over 80% of skin cancers are caused by overexposure to UV radiation).

What are the best golf visors for women?

Not to be biased, but we love our “No Hat Hair” visor! If you want to rep KINONA there is no better way than this golf visor!