Womens Golf Pants: Luxury Female Golf Pants

Suddenly, women’s golf pants aren’t so scary after all. In fact, Kinona’s ladies golf bottoms make putting on pants fun again. We owe it to the waistband, which sits slightly higher for a smoothing effect. The material also feels incredible––think: luxe Italian fabric with go-everywhere 4-way stretch. Did we mention the pockets have built-in tee holders? Get them while the getting’s good.

  • Front view of the Smooth Your Waist crop golf pant in mod dot print

    Smooth Your Waist Crop Golf Pants - Mod Dot - FINAL SALE

    FINAL SALE Our best-selling women's golf crop pants are back! The Smooth Your Waist Crop Pants provide a flattering fit without the seaming panel down the side. The wide waist on these golf pants provides great shaping and the Italian fabric with a...
  • Front view of the Tailored and Trim Jogger golf pants in kelly green.  Green women's golf pants.  Green women's golf joggers.

    Tailored and Trim Jogger Golf Pants - Kelly Green - FINAL SALE

    FINAL SALE No jogging required.  Our newest pant in our line up is the new tailored jogger.  Made from our amazing Italian stretch woven fabric, our jogger gives you a tailored look but with the comfort of a jogger style pant.  The...

What makes KINONA golf tops special?

KINONA women's golf pants are special because they are made with premium imported italian materials for a perfect blend of nylon/Lycra. KINONA women's golf pants are also special because they are UPF 50+ sun resistant and completely moisture wicking without sacrificing on style.

What are the advantages of KINONA golf pants over the others?

Traditional women's golf pants are designed to look more sophisticated and professional while lacking on important features such as sun protection and molsiture wicking - with KINONA women's golf pants, you make no sacrifices when it comes to looking great, while still keeping awesome features such as the UPF 50+ sun protection and complete moisture wicking.

Are KINONA golf pants sun resistant?

Yes! KINONA golf pants are UPF 50 + sun resistant with moisture wicking so you can have longer exposure in the sun without worrying about damaging your skin and having faster fatigue.

Why should I wear KINONA golf pants or leggings under shorts or skorts?

With the nylon/Lycra blend in the KINONA women's golf pants and leggings a big advantage under shorts and skorts is that the fabric used still allows you to remain cool with moisture wicking while having even more protection from the sun.  

Are the KINONA golf pants comfortable?

Yes they are! KINONA women's golf pants are extremely comfortable all thanks to the imported italian nylon/Lycra blend.