Women's Golf Dresses

Kinona women’s golf dresses: Talk about one-and-done. When you slip into our ladies golf dresses, you’ve got 4-way stretch, breathability, and practicality (ahem, pockets and built-in-tee holders) all working in your favor. And, best part––each dress includes a sneaky mesh shortie, complete with a smoothing high waistband. So work it. 

Always in Style  Hoping to sneak in nine holes before heading out to that board meeting? Then Kinona women’s golf dresses are absolutely for you – largely because they don’t actually look like golf dresses. Every style is what we like to call “non-golf-y” and can easily transition from one setting to another as you go through your day. The lengths of our ladies golf dresses vary based on the style of dress, and our expert designer is careful to make sure that our dresses are, above all, functional. (Because that’s the whole point.)

Easy Breezy  If you haven’t tried golfing in a dress, let’s just say – we highly recommend everything about doing so. With just a single piece to slip into, a golf dress makes getting ready for the game a one-and-done task, which is especially useful in handy when you’re hustling out the door to make a tee time. Plus, dresses are comfortable, flattering and fun to wear. And honestly, who doesn’t have a day when they just don’t want a waistband?  

Get Shorties  While they may not be the sexiest part of our women’s golf dresses, Kinona golf shorties are indeed the bomb! Our golf shorties are made from lightweight mesh and offer just the right amount of coverage and breathability. And thanks to their higher waistband, you can count on undercover tummy control and support as you move through your game. Our golf shorties come with all of our dresses. Some customers love them so much, they’ve even paired the shorties with their own dresses. Such is the magic of a one-piece wonder.

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