Meet Champion:

Helane Godstein

Rockville, MD
“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”
- English Proverb

Golf has given me so much – friendships, travel, and love of outdoors.  And a great wardrobe! 

I love wearing my golf clothes for travel, golfing, and just daily life.  I look for well constructed, easy fitting, quality golf clothing.  Living in a climate that ranges from very hot to freezing, my golf wardrobe has to be able to accommodate every season. 

In addition, I often go from meetings with the hope of getting on to the golf course.  If I have to pack a change of clothes, I often do not bother.  Golf dresses, with a blazer over the dress, means all I have to do is take off my jacket, change my shoes and voila – I am golfing. 

When I saw the Kinona dresses, they were exactly what I was looking for.  A new vision for golf clothes that would fit in my lifestyle and are age appropriate.  I hope to share this excitement with more ladies and I look forward to introducing Kinona to The DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia!)

My ideal foursome – living in DC it is hard to ignore politicians who golf.  Barack Obama has golfed at Woodmont multiple times – I have to add him to my group.  Morgan Pressel is a member of Woodmont – I would invite her.  And the next person is tough – either my daughter Lily, or Tony Kornheiser, the ESPN personality who is a friend and extremely entertaining.