Meet Champion:

Janina Jacobs

Detroit, Michigan
"Accept every invitation because you never know where it may lead."

For years I've lamented the lack of style, fit, and function in women's golf clothing and had to turn to department stores to create my own unique style of golfwear; I have to think it was either designed as mini-men's clothing ('just make the same shirt, only smaller!') or women who don't play golf, or at least who didn't listen to the women who do. I've played tournament golf since age 10, was ranked top-10 in Michigan, and nationally ranked briefly, when I competed at that level. Packing clothes for tournaments was chore! KINONA was created to address this, has owners who have vision and are actively listening, and so.........I'm all in!

Ideal Foursome:  

Mickey Wrightt - who has the most picture perfect swing ever and was arguably the most successful player on the LPGA Tour with 82 victories; Ben Hogan - whose drive and determination to be the best, even after a terrible accident almost took his life and somewhat crippled him...then went on to win a U.S. Open; and my dad, Buck Parrott, who taught me to play golf when I was 8 years old and never stopped encouraging me in anything I ever attempted.

Favorite Place to Golf:

My home state of Michigan is awesome, though many don't know it has the most public - and most beautiful - golf courses of any state. If traveling, Hawaii has such scenic vistas as well as a superb climate.