Meet Champion:

Shari Gordon

Mt. Pleasant, SC
Love all, trust a few and do wrong to none.
- William Shakespeare

Favorite place to golf?

Favorite place to golf  in South Carolina would be Kiawah (The Ocean Course) The grounds are impeccable, sites beautiful and we love to stay at the Sanctuary whenever we go. Alternatively, we love Wolf Creek in Mesquite, NV. It is a short drive from Las Vegas, but well worth the trip. The course is amazing! It is in the middle of the desert, yet the greens are pristine as you golf off of rugged terrain that is manicured so beautifully. It has been featured in numerous articles and a must see for anyone headed in that direction.

If you could golf with anyone, who would it be?

My idea foursome would begin with Jack Nicklaus. He comes from my hometown in Columbus, Ohio and has always been a feature figure for me growing up. Next, I would bring “Old” Tom Morris to the tee from Scotland to understand the game from its origins. We recently went to St. Andrews and visited his gravesite, walked the grounds and soaked in the nostalgia.

Last, but not least, we have to bring another female to the tee box.  I would want Jackie Kennedy Onassis to join us. I so admired her style and fashion sense, as well as her demeanor and her courage as I was growing up. I’ve always been a fan and would enjoy getting to know her during our game!