Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Ask Away!

No experience required. If you love getting together with friends you are halfway there. Host an event around your kitchen table, at your weekly mah-jong game or take your show on the road during your next vacation. The sky's the limit.
Each Champion will earn a 20% commission on each purchase. You can earn a few extra bucks or some serious cash at larger parties or events.
There are no no quotas, no targets and no pressure. We want our Champions to sell on their own terms and to do what works for their lifestyle.
The price of your sample kits is $599 plus shipping. The kit will include an assortment of tops, bottoms and key items in various colors and sizes that best represent the collection.
Nope. You are your own boss and your boss only.

Golf clothes that get you.

KINONA believes that no matter a woman's shape or size, she deserves to feel great doing what she loves.