Size Guide


Size Guide

Finding The Right Size

Shopping online can be frustrating when it comes to getting consistent sizing. In some brands you might be a medium but in others you’re an XL. That’s why we offer our customers options with accurate size guides. No one wants to have to exchange sizes through returns, even though it’s pretty great to have a Free 30-Day Return and Exchange Policy

We want you to love your KINONA purchase on your first try. Cheers to easier online shopping, ladies!  You can view our traditional Size Guide here or try the Virtual Fitting Room for a more enhanced size experience.  

Meet KINONA’s Virtual Fitting Room

With this tool, customers are able to plug in their measurements and receive recommended sizing for every specific item of clothing.  A virtual fitting room goes beyond answering the question “Will it fit?”; it helps you understand how the garment will fit, where it will be snug or loose, so you can make the most informed decision about how you like to feel in your clothes. 

Here's How The Virtual Fitting Room Works:

1. Find the KINONA golf product you love, and select “Find Your Size” underneath the sizing options (next to the clothing hanger icon).
2. You’ll be prompted to provide your height, weight, and age and use a visual slider to approximate your body shape on a model.
3. The system takes into account all these factors to show you how the specific product will fit on your body. It also allows you to choose a fit based on your personal preferences. 

Virtual Fitting Room FAQs 

How does a Virtual Fitting Room work? 

Simply click "Find My Size" under the size selector to launch the virtual sizing tool. Input your measurements to get customized recommendations. Learn more about the virtual fitting room here. 

What if I don’t know my measurements? 

That’s okay! You can enter your height, weight, age, and even sizes you wear in other brands and the virtual fitting room will find your ideal size. There’s even a printable measuring tape available so you can get more accurate results.

Is my information saved or do I have to input it every time?

Yes! The virtual fitting room will save your data so every time you visit our site and view an item, you’ll see your recommended size. If your measurements change, you can always update them within the sizing tool from any product page.