Kinona Makes Flattering Women’s Golf Clothes

Because frankly, no one else was


Make the fairway your runway


The handfeel that has everyone talking

Curve Appeal

Waistbands built for belly laughs

No One Was Challenging Women’s Golf Clothes.

Until Tami and Dianne Came Along.

Meet Tami & Dianne:  It started with a problem. We were spending all this money on women's golf clothes that we needed, but really didn’t like.  Women’s golf clothes were unflattering and masculine, and why so many boxy polos? Finding women's designer golf clothes was pretty much impossible – and dressing for the rules of the game, a necessary evil. Once we got talking with  other women, it was clear that we weren’t alone. No one actually liked their golf clothes.


That’s because an evolving (and let’s be real, outdated) dress code was backing women’s golf dress apparel into a corner.  Sleeveless shirts had to have a collar. Golf skirts couldn’t be too short. Racerback tops? Don’t even think about it. The course-compliant clothes that we needed to feel and play our best just weren’t out there. But as active, involved women, we require more than an afterthought. Because we aren’t just golfing.


We’re golfing, then grabbing lunch. Golfing, then running errands. Golfing, then heading into a status meeting. We’ve come too far to slow down for our clothes. We’re good at what we do, and we’re used to feeling good doing it.  That's why we're changing the women's golf clothes game.

She Shops. She Scores. 

KINONA Luxury Women's Designer Golf Clothes

What's so special about KINONA's women's golf clothing?

KINONA is made by women golfers, for women golfers. Each product is fit-tested for active golfing, using input from golf pros and customers to continually improve product performance. We know how important it is to feel great in our clothes, especially when you’re out on the green. KINONA is designed specifically for women who golf—that’s what we do.

What is different about KINONA's women's designer golf apparel?

 What sets KINONA’s designer golf apparel apart is our fabric. Most competitors use 100% polyester, our Italian fabrics are a combination of ECONYL® (high quality regenerated nylon) and lycra (similar to swimwear), resulting in superior fit, feel and performance. Plus KINONA’s high-fashion influence results in a fresh new take on women’s luxury golf apparel that combines functional, flattering, comfortable, high quality golf wear with fun, playful styles and prints.

What does KINONA mean?

KINONA, pronounced key-no-nah, is Hawaiian for the word “shape.” Our company was started because we believed it was time for golf clothes to fit womens’ shape and style.