4 Great Reasons to Get Your Friends Together for a Game of Pickleball

After a busy week, what better way to unwind and relax than by enjoying the company of your cherished friends? It can be tricky to find something to do that fits everyone’s interests. Social sports are a great option to spend some quality time with your friends while staying active (and getting a nice endorphin boost too)!

You might already be familiar with the usual suspects when it comes to social sports - golf (obviously!), tennis, croquet. You might be less familiar with this growing sport that could be just the activity you’ve been looking for: Pickleball! Never heard of it? Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with actual pickles!

Named after one of the inventors’ dog Pickles, pickleball is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the U.S. thanks to its low-impact playing style and easy accessibility. It’s also a great opportunity to make a functional fashion statement - don’t miss LA-based writer and KINONA fan Stefanie Blank in this feature!

Have we piqued your interest yet? Let’s dive into what pickleball is and four reasons why you and your friends should give pickleball a shot this summer.

Pickleball: Part-Tennis, Part-Badminton, Part-Ping Pong - All Fun

That’s right, pickleball is a delightful combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong that’s fun for the whole family! Played with hard paddles roughly double the size of ping pong paddles and a ball that resembles a wiffleball, pickleball is played on a court smaller than a tennis court. It was created in 1965 by three dads trying to keep their kids entertained in summer, and pickleball today still retains its spirit of friendliness and camaraderie.

Still wondering if pickleball is worth trying out with your friends? We have four excellent reasons for pickleball to make its way into your summer activities rotation!

Easy to Learn

Wondering about pickleball for beginners? If you’ve ever played tennis, badminton, or table tennis, you won’t have trouble picking up pickleball. Since the game is a happy mishmash of these three sports, the rules, objectives, and gameplay are similar, with some minor differences, making it easy to learn. New players can easily get up to speed and start focusing on their game, instead of feeling pressured to figure out a complex set of rules. The pickleball community is also known to be a friendly one, with veterans or more experienced players willingly guiding newbies through getting their footing in this fun sport. It’s no surprise why pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport, with over 4.8 million people playing - more than twice as many as five years ago!

Fun for All Skill Levels

Whether you’ve never picked up a racket or paddle in your life, or are a pro athlete, pickleball is bound to bring you and your friends hours of enjoyment and fun! Part of this comes from the origin of the game, and today it remains a game for kids, older adults, and everyone in between. In fact, many kids get their first taste of pickleball from a school PE class and bring it home to share with the rest of the family.

While easy to learn for beginners, pickleball can also become a fast-paced competitive game among more experienced players. Keep it relaxed and casual to decompress after a tough work-week, or pick up the pace and challenge your best buds to a competitive best-of-three (loser picks up the tab at dinner!). Whatever tickles your fancy, pickleball is the perfect social sport for women staying active while having a bit of fun.

Low Impact

Love sports but don’t love the aching joints and injuries you can get from high impact sports?

We hear you - and that’s why pickleball is one of our top picks for a low-impact social sport! Although anyone of any age can learn to play, pickleball has long been touted as a great activity for older adults. It’s lower impact than tennis, and perfect for people who don't want to risk damaging their joints. Pickleball could be just what you need to get your heart pumping without worrying about overexerting or injuring yourself!

Social - but Socially Distanced

Humans are social creatures, so it's no wonder we love spending quality time with our friends and loved ones. But navigating our new normal with social distancing comfort levels is still a challenge. Getting friends together for a game of pickleball is an excellent way to socialize while staying safe and complying with measures to prevent the spread of COVID.

Since pickleball courts are smaller than tennis courts, it’s easy to have a conversation while you play the game. A sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors, options are unlimited with many new pickleball courts popping up all over the country. And if you prefer an outdoor court and can’t find one near you, or just want to bring the game to the comfort of your backyard, it’s easy enough to create your own court, making it an ideal activity that brings communities together.

At KINONA, we’re big fans of any activity that brings women together to have fun while being active. The next time you’re looking for a good reason to get together with friends, why not give pickleball a chance? And of course, pair it with your favorite KINONA piece and share it with us on social! #mykinonastyle

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See you on the pickleball court?