5 Ways to Get Into Golf Shape Before the New Season

The new golf season is upon us in the U.S. (unless you’re one of those lucky ladies who never has to hibernate her golf game…we’re looking at you, Arizona and California)!

It’s time to dust off your clubs (and your frame) so you can hit the fairway in perfect swing, and most importantly, avoid injuries along the way. Also, time to get our your favorite golf dress (check out our range of women's golf dresses from KINONA).

While it’s common to train and condition in other sports, golf hasn’t traditionally been known as an active or athletic game. Yet a limber, healthy body is better able to support a healthy golf game. So, let’s talk about golf fitness.

Here’s our top tips to get fit for this golf season:

1. Take some lessons

We believe in accessibility to the game for anyone who wants to play, but many golf players don’t have regular instruction and use incorrect form as they swing, which leads to injury. Learning proper technique supports greater power in your golf swing and increased rotational force (make sure to wear your favorite women's golf pants).

Of course time and budget can be a barrier here, but even taking occasional lessons can help hone in on areas that need practice. Scoring some basic tips and fundamentals will always benefit your game. The outside perspective a trainer provides is the only real way to improve and grow as a golfer.

2. Find a regular exercise regimen

We all want to hit the ball further and straighter and that starts with strength and conditioning. Even though golf isn’t a traditionally “active” sport, without regular workouts, the muscles you need to support your game won’t be primed and ready when you step up to the tee box.

Whether you join a gym, work with a personal trainer, or prefer your Peloton, now is the time to get started so your body is ready for that first game of the season. Follow the LPGA’s Fitness Plan or check out these golf fitness accounts for ongoing support and tips. And remember to always warm-up and cool down after a workout or a few rounds of golf. It’s the best way to avoid injury and keep swinging.

3. Build muscle memory

When you first start playing golf, the neural pathways for the movements are weak and clunky. So practice, practice, practice using proper form; it’s the only way to aid motor learning, train your muscles, and grow your golf game. Focus on exercises that emulate the motion of golf swings to build this muscle memory and strength.

Far too many amateurs don’t spend the time (we mean hours and hours and hours) developing in these ways and get frustrated that they never improve. No one becomes great at anything overnight so don’t get discouraged and keep up the hard work. It will pay off.

4. Create a stable foundation

Workouts that focus on full-body engagement help build balance, giving your golf swing a solid foundation. Many beginner players focus heavily on their arms and the upper body during their swing, but trainers and pros know that a good swing is built from the ground up. Be sure your whole body workout includes stabilizing drills. Simple exercises can shift your balance and establish the base your swing needs.

5. Engage all your muscles

Golf uses a complex range of muscles. That’s why a whole body approach to exercise best prepares you for a round of 18. Consider taking a yoga class to support flexibility and healthy posture, both of which are crucial to proper golf form.

If you want consistent performance in your game, don’t overlook any muscle group. From arms and wrists to core, back, and even your foot muscles need to be optimized. When developing your exercise regimen or considering a personal trainer, be sure to consider how holistic the workouts will be.

Being in great all-around shape is important for the game and the longevity of your golf career. And now your golf clothing can help you get into shape! KINONA’s Italian 4-way stretch fabric is built for strength, stamina, flexibility and style, too. Some of our favorite KINONA picks for shaping up include the new Après 18 leggings and joggers which move smoothly from workout to the green carpet.

Shop our best-selling women’s golf clothes, for fun, flattering fits while you get golf fit, and let’s slay this new golf season, ladies!