5 Wins for Women's Golf in 2023

Can we take a moment to celebrate the triumphs and milestones in women's golf this year? While the last few years have been an absolute game-changer for women in the sport, 2023 stands out as a history-making ride that’s far from over.

Grab your clubs (and your birdie juice) and get ready to toast the incredible strides that women have seen in golf this year. Trust us, there's plenty to celebrate!

1. Prize Money and Sponsorship 

In 2023, the purses for women's golf tournaments skyrocketed to a higher level than ever before. It's a sweet victory for the trailblazing athletes who've been showing the world that women mean business on the golf course. The $11 million purse at the 78th US Women’s Open was double the payouts of just two years before and included the cool $2 million for winner, Allisen Corpuz. So, while female golfers are getting to showcase their skill, they're also finally earning recognition and financial rewards that are on par with their performance.

2. Women's Equity in Venues

Speaking of the 78th US Women’s Open, it was a momentous occasion played on the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Links. For the first time, a women’s major championship was held at Pebble Beach, with the stunning California coastline as a backdrop. Watching the LPGA pros take on one of the most prestigious and challenging courses in the world was so inspiring and serves as a testament to their undeniable talent. It's a monumental step towards achieving equality in golf, proving that women's golf is just as deserving of prestigious venues as its male counterpart. The elevation and promotion of women's major championships is bringing significant attention to the sport, making it a focal point for golf enthusiasts and casual sports fans alike.

3. Growing Participation Rates 

Can we get a round of applause for the growing number of women who've taken up the game? Nearly one-third of on-course golfers are now female, which is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the women golfers who came before. They’ve inspired a new generation of young girls to pick up clubs and chase their dreams onto the fairway. The golf world too is realizing that our drive is as fierce as our fashion sense and we’ve seen golf courses increasingly embrace female golfers. Here's to even higher participation rates next year!

4. Greater Media Coverage and Exposure 

If you've noticed that women's golf is getting more airtime and media coverage, you're not imagining things. In 2023, the spotlight on our favorite sport has been shining brighter than ever before. Major sports networks and publications are giving ladies the spotlight they deserve. From thrilling tournaments to inspiring stories of perseverance, the world is finally getting to see the extraordinary talent and grit of female golfers. We're no longer just an afterthought; we're front and center, proving that women's golf is just as thrilling, competitive, and inspiring as any other sport out there.

5. Better Representation in the Golf Industry 

Women are not simply dominating the fairways either. They're leaving their mark on the golf industry as a whole. From coaching and fashion to leadership and groundskeeping, the women's game is seeing an influx of leaders who are breaking down barriers and paving the way for the next generation of golf fans. Greater representation of women in golf leadership and industry jobs is playing a role in encouraging more women to take golf seriously. When young girls see powerful women swinging for the stars, they realize that they can do the same. It's a ripple effect of empowerment that starts on the course and extends far beyond it.

So, why does all of this matter? Well, the more we celebrate and promote the growth of women in golf, the more inspiring it becomes for girls to pick up a club. To be honest, the road to these achievements hasn't been easy. It's taken dedication, perseverance, and a relentless drive to break down barriers that were deeply entrenched in the golfing world.

Golf isn't just a game for the boys; it's a game for anyone who's passionate about it. Let's share, celebrate, and support women's golf, not just in 2023, but for many years to come. After all, empowering more girls to play golf leads to a future where women dominate the fairways, break records, and shatter the boundaries set before them. Cheers to all of that!

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