6 Rules for Playing Golf in Cold Weather

The saying goes that a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day in the office. We couldn’t agree more. And we’ve all been there, longing for golf season to start but staring out the window at less-than-ideal, cold and wet weather.

While winter golf might seem like more work than teeing off in warm conditions, it actually helps your overall game to keep playing year-round. Playing golf in cold weather forces you to work on your game and ultimately develop into a stronger golfer.

To survive strong winds, decreased visibility, or muddy terrain, you need a new set of rules. 

We’ve collected our best tips for how to golf in cold weather.

1. While stretching is key before a round of golf any time of year, it’s especially important in cooler temperatures. Risk of injury is greater in cold weather so muscles need more warm up and a gentler start than in summer months. Plan ahead with a new and varied routine to prepare your body to play.

2. Bright colors keep you visible (and attention-grabbing) even on the dreariest of days. Spice up your winter golf game with fun colors and patterns. Not only does this ensure your safety as other golfers can see you against potentially gray skies, but also brings fun to your wardrobe and shows off your personal style. If you’re wondering how to dress for golf in cold weather, some of our favorite colors in the KINONA collection include Tomato Red, Kelly Green, and even the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta.

3. Since golf demands ease of movement, giant puffer jackets and thick stiff pants are out for game play, even in winter weather. Instead of one bulky piece, layer up so you can easily shed pieces as needed to tee off, putt, and drive. Roomy pockets are a necessity in winter golf, too. It’s tough to hold a club with cold hands, and warm golf balls actually travel further so select clothes that have roomy pockets. KINONA pockets are deep enough to hold a ball along with your hands and even hand warmers to keep your fingers toasty between shots. Remember, every piece serves a function so take the time to plan your winter golf wardrobe.

4. There’s nothing worse than stepping in a puddle and soaking the hem of your pants on a chilly day. Wet, cold ankles make for uncomfortable play and bring down your overall core temperature. Opt for water resistant shoes or golf boots that allow you to tuck your pants. Shoes with spikes are also extra helpful on a sodden course so look for golf shoes that allow for interchangeable spikes during inclement weather. The newest addition to our line of golf pants, the Ankle Warmer Stirrup Pant features a removable stirrup that helps keep the bottoms tucked into golf shoes or rain boots and out of the wet fairway.

5. Skip the cart on chilly days and instead consider walking the course. Not only will this help you to get in daily steps but it also raises your body temperature to keep you warm. You might enjoy it so much that you’ll start skipping the cart year-round! Just be sure to choose a base layer that’s moisture-wicking and antimicrobial to protect your skin as you work up a sweat. If your course is simply too hilly to walk, consider bringing a cart blanket to lay across your lap and keep your legs warm between turns.

6. Go easy on yourself after you finish playing. To move the ball down the fairway in windy and wet conditions requires using different muscles than you do in your summer game. Do some cool down stretching when you hit the clubhouse and ease tight muscles with an Epsom salt bath or indulge in a massage.

While winter golf is certainly a different game, prepping for it starts in your closet. KINONA women’s golf clothes support your play, moving with your body as you test new swing tempos and lean into different muscles to drive the ball. Our Italian fabrics are quick-drying to maximize comfort and performance as you work up a sweat under your winter layers.

Stock your golf closet with KINONA so you can brave the elements.