Cheers to 6 Years of Style, Swings, and Surpassing Expectations!

Can you believe it's been 6 years since we embarked on this incredible journey together? 

Dianne and I dreamed of starting our own women’s apparel golf brand decades ago. As the only women golfers going to corporate golf events, we were handed the dreaded “SWAG” bag with the men’s poly/cotton polo shirt,, a cigar and a golf cap neither of us would be caught dead wearing.   

We wanted change. 

With retirement fully in our line of sight, we decided to look the other way, put our heads down and created KINONA with a clear vision and a small but mighty team, many of whom we met decades ago and were willing to jump on the bandwagon.  Many of those folks are still on board today.   

Now, as we celebrate this remarkable milestone, we can't help but reflect on the fantastic relationships. Our customers, team, and partners – the driving force behind our success. 

Case in point:  

Jarlath,,  Lead Designer - We met Jarlath “back in the day” when we were all young and cool retailers. (Or so we thought.)  Having worked together before, we appreciate how much we have grown and matured and can now pour our heart and soul behind our own brand. 

Kasha, Production Manager  - We found Kasha selling computer hardware.  She expressed her interest in wanting to work in fashion and we gave her a chance.  Today, Kasha is KINONA’s production manager and coordinates all of the details around product costing and working and negotiating with our factory partner based on our design and specifications.  

Stacy,  Buyer - Dianne and I approached Stacy when we were in our research phase of planning the product for KINONA.  Stacy provided her candid feedback on delivery timing, product feedback and pricing.  Stacy also provided us with our very first trunk show with her ladies group.

Brenda, Sales Rep - As an avid golfer with an interest in getting into the golf industry,  Brenda came on board as our first sales rep. We hired Brenda for her passion for the sport and her belief in KINONA’s mission of pushing the boundaries in women’s golf apparel.  She came into the role with a willingness to learn and make the role her own.  Brenda’s customers literally “gush” over her and how great she is to work with.   Brenda has been recognized as KINONA’s #1 sales rep.  

Are we proud of what we created?  Without question.  Our design leadership is something we're incredibly proud of. Inspired by fashion and the runway, our looks are not just about golf; they're about making a statement wherever life takes you. Whether you're hitting the links, strolling down the street, or just grabbing coffee with friends, KINONA has got you covered in style.  

While we have grown year over year, 2023 was an exceptionally difficult year for KINONA.  We want to acknowledge the heartache we've experienced with the loss of some dear family members who were our most ardent supporters.  It's a reminder that life is a mix of highs and lows, and even in the face of challenges, our KINONA community has shown incredible strength and resilience.

As we blow out the candles on our 6th-anniversary cake, let's raise a glass to you – our amazing customers, our dedicated team, and our incredible partners. Here's to seven years of fabulous fashion, fantastic swings, and forging friendships that feel like family.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to many more years of style, success, and swinging for the stars together. Cheers, KINONA family – you make every day brighter, and we're grateful for each and every one of you! 🥂✨


Tami and Dianne