Don’t Let Your Golf Game Go Into Hibernation

Golf season will soon be winding down in most parts of the United States. What can you do with your off-season? Of course, you could head inside for golf simulators or do practice drills at home, but we have a better idea.

How about you pack your golf bags and hit the road to a sunnier climate?!

Off-season is the perfect time to check some courses off your bucket list, and right now there’s even a chance to find great deals on your travel. With travel limited in the last year, golf vacations are a chance to scratch the itch for new adventures and landscapes while keeping your golf game in perfect swing.

International travel options are still limited, but the trend for domestic travel is expected to keep going strong. This means now is the time to start thinking about a late winter/early spring getaway.

Whether you’re up for flying or opt to drive, we have some tips for sinking a hole in one with your golf trip planning:

  • Create your golf travel bucket list and include some of these top golf destinations and golf landmarks.
  • Invest in a durable golf travel bag to protect your clubs.
  • Hit up your golf girlfriends and invite them along! Golf and travel are always better with good friends. It’s the perfect excuse to catch up, slow down, and enjoy some friendly competition.
  • Skip the work of planning for yourself and explore golf travel packages. Research has already gone into these to make them the best experience for you. Check out the travel packages with Women on Course.
  • Build a capsule golf wardrobe from KINONA pieces that can take you from a morning tee time to sightseeing and dinner after.

Ready to find a new course in a sunnier climate? Shop our newest collection to add a splatter of color and modern energy to your trip.