Fostering a Lifelong Love for Golf: Meet Hilda Rose

If you ever make it out to South Carolina and happen to visit a little town called Mount Pleasant, keep an eye out for 84-year-old golfer Hilda Rose, carrying her own clubs around the Dunes West Golf Club.

Hilda is a person who has worn many hats — as an operating room nurse, high school basketball player, and wife of 62 years — but one of the biggest constants in her life has been the sport of golf. While she was in nursing school, she dated a golfer who kicked off her own decades-long interest in hitting the green.

After a breast cancer diagnosis in 1997, she became an avid walker and started carrying her own clubs. When people ask why, she’s quick to respond “Well, it’s better than pushing that cart up the hill!”

But there’s more to Hilda than her physical strength. She was a founding member of her local LGA, and stays involved in their championship event, the Charleston Golf Association for Women. Her recognition of the many people working behind the scenes to keep the green looking good led her to host an annual luncheon for the maintenance team at Dunes West.

As an active community member and almost daily golfer, KINONA was the perfect fit for her lifestyle. A self-described “sassy woman,” she says she loves to wear dresses and likes them short. “Probably shorter than I ought to wear them at 84,” she said with a chuckle, “but I like them all the same.”

When she tried KINONA she knew it was a great match. The fabric could withstand a hot Southern day, and the style and colors were a perfect match for her wardrobe. “I love that KINONA is a women-forward company,” she explained, “You just can tell.”