How to Choose a Golf Instructor

Top 7 Things to Consider When Selecting a Golf Coach

LPGA Golf Instructor teaching girls and womens golfers

  1. What are you looking for? Are you a beginner who wants to just have some fun or are you an avid player who wants to break par? Why does this matter? Because I believe you should hire a teacher who has experienced the results you are looking to achieve.  There are people that teach golf at driving ranges who are not certified by the PGA of America, LPGA, or the United States Golf Teachers Federation. That Doesn't mean they don’t know how to teach golf. That does mean that they have not been certified by the governing body that makes sure they are certified to teach. I would always look for someone who is qualified to teach before signing up for a lesson.

  2. Inspect the Source. Ask people that you trust about teachers in the area. Listen To what they say. Then, the most important thing you can do is watch. Go to the facility where the person teaches you are interested in signing up for a lesson and observe them giving a lesson. How do they act? Are they friendly? Are they quiet? Do they take videos? Does the student hit a lot of golf balls or does the instructor talk the whole time? Does the student do drills or just whack away at balls?

  3. What type personality are you? Are you quiet and shy or competitive and more talkative? Would you prefer a teacher who is more talkative or more of a thinker? My husband played on the PGA TOUR and I played on the LPGA Tour. He is a quiet thinker and I am a competitive control freak. I like picking his brain because he is a golf swing guru. He reads directions and loves to figure things out. I hate reading directions and want quick answers. For me, the quiet thinker is perfect.

  4. What level are you currently playing? Let’s say you are a low handicap player and want to start competing some regional or national tournaments, or you are a parent of a good junior golfer who wants to play college golf. Be sure when you are looking for an instructor, you find one that has done what you want to do. What do I mean? Be sure your teacher has competed in national golf tournaments or played D1 College Golf. There are many people walking around with portable simulators today telling you how to obtain a number on a trackman who have never done it themselves.

  5. Ask them what other certifications they have beyond the normal PGA, LPGA or USGTF. There are numerous others. I am Golf Psych Certified, Titleist Performance Institute Certified, US KIDS Master Certified, Behavior, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Judgement Certified Professional, and Certified Mental Coach. Ask them what these other certifications might mean for you and how they can help you be a better player.

  6. What are your goals? Tell the teacher what you are looking for and ask them how long they think it will take you to achieve your goals. Ask them what a realistic practice plan might look like and what the cost of these sessions will be. Be sure you are ready willing and able to invest in this program.

  7. Ask them how long they have taught golf. How many students they have taught? How many students have they taught that have done what you want to accomplish?  You're trying to develop a relationship with this person. The most important thing is that you like and respect them. That you believe they can help you and that they care about you.

    I would sign up for one private lesson with them first before agreeing to any program just to see how things go. If you like how things go with that first lesson, then it should be fine to move forward. We suggest doing this with all of our students. We Want to be sure there is a mutual understanding and agreement that we are both on the same path. That is the only way this can succeed.

    We wish you good luck and know you can find the perfect instructor just right for you. 

Cindy Miller is a former LPGA Tour Player, a current member of The Legends of the LPGA Tour, a Golf Pass Instructor, 2010 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, and recently named an ELITE LPGA Teacher in the World.  Cindy and her husband, Allen Miller are the only married couple in the world who have competed on all four major tours. The PGA TOUR, the LPGA Tour, The PGA TOUR Champions, and The Legends of the LPGA. As a Certified Behavior, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence Professional, Cindy is a highly sought-after speaker, coach, and corporate trainer. She teaches people how to get, do, and be better. For your FREE Learning Style Assessment, click HERE! Reach out to her at . Follow Cindy  InstagramFacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. She and Allen teach in Buffalo, New York as well as Orlando, Florida.