Maintaining Your Game Throughout Your Life: Meet Lara Tennant

One universally understood part of life is that sometimes we have to put our hobbies on the back burner. Maybe you’ve just had a baby, welcomed a new grandchild to the family, or moved to a new house and haven’t found the time to unpack your clubs.

No matter what your life might look like today, hobbies like golfing can stay with us regardless of how much time has passed since we last hit the green.

Read on to find out how Lara Tennant, a three-time Senior Women’s Champion, has carried her love for the game of golf throughout her life.

What inspired you to start golfing?

I grew up in a golfing family. My four siblings and I began playing golf by the age of 10. We all competed in tournaments throughout our childhood and went on to play college golf. Our father is a competitive golfer, and while our mom never played, she always supported us and talks like a scratch golfer!

How did you continue to grow your golf game throughout your life?

Having learned the game at such a young age, I was able to take 6-8 months off (sometimes years at a time) and still maintain my game.

My priority was always raising my kids. Golf was a long way down my list, but I always enjoyed competing in golf tournaments when it suited my schedule. When I turned 50 and our children were high school and college age, I was able to recommit myself to golf. I discovered a new passion I had for the game and competition. Most importantly, I have been able to reconnect with old friends and meet new friends through competitive golf.

What's your favorite course to play and why?

I have many favorite golf courses and have been lucky to play so many great courses around the world. Some of my favorites are the course I grew up on in Portland, Columbia Edgewater Country Club, as well as the course my husband grew up on, Waverley Country Club.

You have so many achievements to celebrate! What's one that has particular meaning to you and why?

Anyone who has ever won a golf tournament, whether it's a club event or a state event, understands it's never easy to win. Therefore, I would say that all of the tournaments I have been lucky enough to win are memorable. However, winning 2 U.S. Senior Women's Championships is definitely a highlight. Much of that is due to the fact that my father was my caddie and that was a very special and unique experience.

Have you experienced some of the barriers facing women in golf?

Yes, I have. As a collegiate golfer at the University of Arizona, many of my teammates had dreams of turning pro. Many of them did try professional golfing, but with the purses being so low on the mini tours most had to give up their dream after just a year or two. I know the purses have risen over the years and there is more opportunity for women to play professional golf.

What's some advice you can give women about getting into golf?

I would recommend finding friends to play with. If you don’t have friends close by,join a ladies club to meet new ones. Make golf a weekly event. You will enjoy being outside, walking the course and visiting with your friends. Play 9 holes instead of 18, as it won't take as much time. Enjoy lunch or dinner with your friends after your round.

And take lessons in order to get better. Golf is a game where you see improvement very easily as there is a score. With lessons you will improve even more rapidly. Also, learn how to play fast. You will always find a game if you have a smile on your face and can keep up the pace. Most importantly, have fun - it's such a great game!

Do you have any memorable golf fashion stories?

I do have a "lucky" skirt. It's really nothing special in terms of looks, but I wore the skirt in both final matches of the US Senior Women's Championships in 2018 and 2019. I haven't worn the skirt since then, but I’m hoping for another special time to wear it. I would describe it as very comfortable and great to wear when it's hot out - much like the KINONA Collection!

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