Our Picks for the Best Women's Golf Shoes

What kind of shoe do you pick when you’re gearing up for 18 holes on the golf course — especially when you’re likely to walk  4-5 miles during your round?

We don’t sell women’s golf shoes at KINONA, but we know that just like your golf clothes, they’re paramount for performance and comfort. And the right shoe completes the KINONA look, so we know that what you put on your feet matters.

We recommend paying attention to these 7 factors when shopping for the right golf shoe:

    • Grip: It’s not just important with your clubs! A slippery shoe will affect your shot. Sole material and traction patterns matter for stability on the various course terrains.
    • Fit & Support: Nobody needs to tell you that your shoes need to be comfortable, but since some golf shoes prioritize look over feel, pay attention to arch support, materials used and the shape of the shoe when determining if your pair won’t hurt your feet and your game.
    • Longevity: Golf shoes are an investment so make sure you pick one that’s built to last.
    • Breathability: You’re going to sweat under that sun. A style that’s moisture-resistant will go the distance with you in the heat.
    • Style: Your shoes make as much of a statement as your outfit, and fortunately, there are a lot of great options for colors and design to match your style. (Keep reading!)
    • Footprint: Don’t grab just any pair without consideration; you’ll need a shoe that won’t damage the course.
    • Course rules: Your club might have dress code standards related to shoes so research the rules before you buy.

Here are a few of our favorite brands to pair with KINONA styles.

1. Royal Albartross

Favorite for: Longevity

You’ll spot these KINONA favorites in our upcoming photo shoots of new collections! Royal Albartross is committed to quality in its materials, workmanship, and designs, and it shows. This golf shoe is built to last and hold its value. Their loafers and laced leathers as well as hybrid styles are built for traction and on-course control. And you’ll love the little bit of flair as well.

Pair them with: The KINONA Smooth Your Waist Crop Pant

2. Duca Del Cosmo

Favorite for: Luxe

You know we love Italian design! And Duca Del Cosmo brings sophistication to your game with these hand-crafted golf shoes built with leather from Italian tanneries for superior construction, lining and outsoles. They’re a favorite for both luxury and durability, and they offer great modern styles. Their waterproof golf shoes are guaranteed to keep your feet dry during rain or sweat.

Pair them with: The KINONA Snappy Trouser Golf Pant

3. FootJoy

Favorite for: Selection / Performance

FootJoy is a favorite of golf professionals everywhere so you’ve seen them on tour and can trust they’ll perform. But don’t count them out of your price range - they have some of the widest selection of the brands we’re highlighting here. Spikeless or spiked, FootJoy golf shoes have a cushion fit for long hours on the course, and are built to be lightweight. Do you need a golf shoe for narrow feet or wide feet? Look here.

Pair them with: The Wrap It Up Black and White Golf Skort

4. Adidas

Favorite for: Eco-Friendly Golf Shoes

Here’s a golf shoe option to feel great about. As a company, Adidas has made commitments to replacing plastic waste with recycled materials, and that by the year 2025, 9 out of 10 of their products will be made from sustainable materials. They’ve launched eco-friendly versions of their most popular golf shoes. Adidas’ No-Dye Collection that use the materials’ natural color in order to reduce water and energy waste.

Pair them with: The Smooth Your Waist Crop Pants - Chevron Tomato Red

5. ECCO Women's Golf Shoes

Favorite for: Comfort

Built for grip, built for comfort, and built to repel moisture! ECCO women’s golf shoes are a favorite brand for a full day at the club,, with just the right support, comfort technologies and flexibility. But don’t choose them just for comfort; their modern, minimalistic design will pair well with any golf outfit and have your foursome asking where you got them.

Pair them with: The Resolution Sleeveless Golf Dress - Chevron Kelly Green

Are golf shoes worth the investment? Absolutely. But you have to try them to see how they work for you. The better you pair your game with a shoe that provides the right support, grip and comfort, the better performance you’ll bring to the course.

At KINONA, we’re passionate about helping women look good and feel good at the course and beyond. Shop Our Women’s Golf Wear Now.