The Long and Short of Women’s Golf Shorts

Yes. We are going to tackle the topic of women’s golf shorts. Which is pretty controversial, we know. But isn’t all women’s golf attire? Dress codes can be strict, including the LPGA rules.

  • No mini skirts or short shorts.
  • And plunging necklines (a much-debated topic) are a no-go.
  • Joggers and jeans (unless they are “dressy”) are banned along with leggings, except under skorts or shorts (but not dresses?).

It’s a lot to keep track of, but you’re in luck. Since dress codes vary between clubs and organizations, KINONA has you covered with the perfect shorts in a variety of lengths so you can bring your fashion A-game to whatever course you’re crushing.

Here’s our ultimate guide to shorts so you can stay cute and comfy this summer.

The Longer Golf Short

There’s something timeless and classy about a longer short, and we aren’t talking about your mama’s shorts. The perfect long shorts make you feel polished, modestly stylish, and totally put-together. KINONA’s Tailored and Trim shorts feature a traditional 8” inseam, longer shorts are a classic and a must-have for your golf closet. Our longer ladies golf bottoms feature a stylish design from luxe Italian 4-way stretch fabric.

The Shorter Golf Short

If you love wearing shorts, shorter shorts will be your fave. By no means short-shorts, a shorter length still offers a tailored look, mandatory on most courses, while giving your legs the freedom to breathe. Our Carry my Cargo shorts offer a 4” inseam with sport cargo pockets and built-in tee holders. The sleek design includes two back pockets to fit your scorecard and glove or cell phone. Featuring stretch-woven Italian fabric, you will look and feel fab while draining putts.

Before you hit the course, always check the rules because some clubs still don’t allow shorts and even men catch flack for forgetting or not knowing the rules

Despite traditional views, professional and recreational golfers are athletes and, like any other athlete, we deserve uniforms, attire, and dress codes that align with our performance needs. Of course, we don’t want to make a spectacle of ourselves, BUT to perform at our highest level, we need to be unhindered by uncomfortable or binding clothing. After all, this is a sport, not a fashion show…though we’ll be the last to fault you for treating the fairway as your runway. 

As participation in women’s golf grows, KINONA is committed to providing stylish and supportive clothes, empowering female golfers to show up, act up, and never give up on crushing glass ceilings. So put on your shorts and let’s make some noise, ladies.