Mastering Versatility in Your Golf Wardrobe

By Donna Hoffman, Founder of Women on Course

The Versatility of Golf Apparel
When I first began to play golf my starter wardrobe consisted of two matching tops and shorts kept in a separate drawer worn only to play the game. Women’s golf apparel is not inexpensive, so I added to my drawer slowly.

Today my golf wardrobe has a prominent position in my closet. I often reach for items I bought for golf and incorporate them into my everyday wardrobe.

Work Wear
Once I found the most comfortable pair of women’s golf pants, I bought them in every color. I found myself bypassing pants I bought for work in favor of golf pants for all day comfort. The pull-on golf pant has the conventional zipper and button style beat.

Another wardrobe staple I adapted from my golf closet is the sleeveless Light and Lovely  top from Kinona. The fabric is butter soft and substantial enough to look crisp all day long – perfect under a suit jacket or by itself with a floral skirt.

While my job takes me to the golf course, I often wear women’s golf apparel in my office. Many golf brands offer basic collections, which is a great place stock up on neutral colors to mix with statement tops, bottoms and jackets purchased for work.

Smart Casual
While we’re on the topic of statement pieces ladies golf attire can be worn to infuse some fun and style into your everyday wardrobe. I’ll often build an outfit for brunch or book club around a colorful golf print or golf dress - and get a lot of compliments as a result! 

Today’s golf designers have added thoughtful touches in the details from embellished zipper pulls to hemline trims. It’s easy to pull together an on-trend outfit from your golf wardrobe. Pair Kinona’s On the Edge top with scalloped edging, with a white layered  Wrap it up golf skort.

Travel Ready
I’m on the road often for vacation and Women on Course travel adventures.

Women's golf clothing for travel

For warm or cold weather destinations I always start with my favorite golf pieces. Not only am I packed for golf, but I’ll get double duty use for a cozy dinner or a sunset sail. One of my favorites is the Kinona shrug. It takes the chill off an early tee time as well as provides extra warmth on a sailing trip or air-conditioned restaurant.

The technical properties built into golf apparel are perfect for hot and humid weather. You’ll find fabrics with SPF protection, moisture wicking and even some with bug repellant.

For cold weather destinations look to women’s golf outerwear to protect against wind, cold and rain. Jackets and vests are designed without the bulk to fold up compactly making packing a breeze.

For long flights and car trips the four-way stretch found in ladies golf clothing is not only suited for swinging a club, but you’ll be comfortable and arrive in crisp and wrinkle free. The next time you buy something for golf, consider the extra use you can get for work and other lifestyle activities.

By Donna Hoffman, Founder of Women on Course. When she is not on the golf course you will see her getting double duty from her golf wardrobe during her recreational and social activities.