What are the best golf clothes for women? Try KINONA at Nordstrom!

Female golf - including attire - is on the rise

Since KINONA’s founding in 2017, we’ve made it our mission to change the way women are treated in the sport of golf. Over the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of new female golfers (thanks COVID) with over 450,000 new female golfers in 2020 alone, according to the National Golf Foundation. That’s a 7% increase from the prior year!

In 2021, our own research found that on average, 86% of women across generations who play golf want stylish, well-performing golf attire. And their purchasing power is strong! Spending by women golfers on equipment and apparel has increased sharply since 2020 with women accounting for approximately 20% of the nearly $5.59 billion market.

Large retailers are catching on, stocking womens golf clothes and increasing accessibility to functional, fashionable pieces. Now is the time for women golfers (and KINONA) to claim space on the course. So we’re announcing a big change for our not-so-small-anymore brand in 2022.

KINONA golf outfits for women expanding to Nordstrom and Dillards

Our fashions, available on our website and at more than 400 country clubs, golf shops, and boutiques nationwide, will now be stocked at Nordstrom.com and Dillards.com. In Arizona, women will even be able to try on KINONA in Dillards’ stores! (As always you’ll still be able to shop the full collection of KINONA favorites anytime on our website

“We’re excited that in just five years since our launch, we have expanded and grown into the company we are today and are looking forward to working with Nordstrom and Dillard’s to help bring the KINONA brand to more women,” our co-founder and CEO, Dianne Celuch, recently told 425Business.

This year of growth is about more than expanding our product availability and partnerships.

Two new team members will be supporting KINONA’s expansion: Kirsten Wlaschin, Director of E-commerce, and Bill Evans, National Sales Manager.

“Kirsten’s leadership, paired with Bill’s decades of experience within the golf apparel industry, are sure to help take our company to the next level,” said Tami Fujii, KINONA co-founder and Chief Strategist.

In our research, we found that men and women largely agree that golf needs to shift to be more inclusive, validating that KINONA is catching a vibe. We’re redefining the paradigm of appropriate golf attire and the golf apparel industry has responded. Year over year, KINONA revenue has doubled, a sure sign that women want to see their personalities and styles reflected in what they wear on the course.

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