What to Look For In Your Golf Skort

Golf Skorts: From Modesty to Modernity

Women have been playing golf for centuries. And yet, like women across all sports, what we wear when we play is a topic of intense scrutiny. We’re still expected to dress conservatively on the golf course, especially in contrast to our male counterparts. Depending on the tradition and exclusivity of the course in question, we are even forced to compromise comfort and performance to fulfill outdated expectations.

If this double-standard seems unfair that’s because, well, it is.

Golf fashion through the ages has ranged from the impractical to the nearly absurd in the name of modesty. Our predecessors often wore ankle-length skirts and restrictive blouses that didn’t support proper form or movement. Even though we still have strict guidelines to contend with, golf fashion has evolved for the better through the years. And, for one of our favorite golf wardrobe staples, we have early female bicyclists to thank.

Skorts for women are a combination skirt with a pair of shorts attached underneath, became popular among riders because, of course, a long skirt on a bike is asking to get tangled in the tires. Enter the fad of wearing trousers under a longer skirt to free the legs for easier bicycling.

Enough about the history, though. Let’s dive into the aspects that make the modern skort so perfect for golfers.

A ready alternative to golf skirts and shorts, the women's golf skort is the best of both worlds. It guarantees modesty while offering a fun and feminine flair. Golf skorts provide comfort, ease, and style, while ultimately allowing more movement. But before you run out and become a skort enthusiast (which we highly encourage), you’ll have to consider club regulations to ensure you get the most play from your skort collection.

Ultra-conservative clubs aside, the ideal length for golf skirts is still up for debate. The standard tends to be mid-length, about four inches above the knee. The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) specifies 14 inches as the shortest length for shorts and skirts. Length standards vary from LPGA regulations to golf club guidelines so it can be difficult for players (and golf apparel companies!) to choose the best options for play.

So, what is your perfect skort length? Let us help you choose.


A mid-thigh skort is about 16 -17 inches long, generally a just-right length for women who are 5'4′′ or taller. It's also the most standard skorts length.

Depending on how high you want your skort to sit at the waist, the hemline on a mid-thigh skort hits two to three inches above the knee. A few extra inches can make a tremendous difference in terms of coverage, yet this length still feels sporty. Our shorter mid-length skort still gives perfect coverage so you can kneel to line up your perfect putt without feeling exposed.

When it comes to pairing our mid-length skort with a top, any style goes. From longsleeve to shortsleeve and even sleeveless semi-racerback styles, these skorts are the perfect match to any top in your golf closet. 

Pro tip: if you’re wearing a printed mid-thigh skort, pair it with one of our bestselling solid-colored tops. The two will balance each other out so you can play on in perfect style.


At roughly 18 inches long, knee-length is the more conservative skort choice. It's always a good idea to have a longer skort on hand in case you end up on a course with a more traditional dress code. KINONA's long skorts give you the coverage you need and our premium 4-way stretch Italian fabric makes moving through any swing a breeze. You can strut down the fairway without needing to tug your hemline down to protect your modesty.

When building an outfit with this skort, keep in mind that the more coverage you have on the bottom, the more leeway you have on top. Sleeveless and racerback tops, bright designs, and even chic blade-style collars go well with knee-length skorts.

Whether you find one length and fill your closet with it, or if your wardrobe demands variety, the skort is a staple you can’t miss out on. And our favorite aspect of skorts for golf? For every season, there is a skort. The LPGA guidelines and many clubs allow leggings under skorts, making this much-loved women’s golf bottom even more versatile. You can show off your skort fashion sense no matter the weather. KINONA recently introduced a much-anticipated legging to pair with your skorts as well as thigh highs for sun and cold weather protection.

What else should you consider when choosing a new golf skort? Here’s the key factors we look at when adding to our golf closets.

1. Material: Sports apparel should wick sweat and ultimately keep you dry and moisture management is absolutely a non-negotiable feature. If the fabric isn’t comfortable to the touch, it can impact the way you move. When purchasing a skort for golf, look for material that’s stretchy and sturdy, like KINONA’s eco-friendly Italian fabrics.

2. Style: When dressing for your golf game, you want to look as fantastic as you feel. It’s important to keep your style standards as you shop for women’s golf apparel. Gone are the days when women had to conform to traditional (read: awful) golf trends in order to be accepted as serious player. Life is short – set your inner style maven free! Check out KINONA’s newest collections in fun patterns and bold colors to show off your fashion sense.

3. Fit: When it comes to picking the proper skort for golf, fit is crucial. Players are generally not permitted to wear excessively tight skirts or styles that are flowy or fit too loose. That’s why an A-line shape tends to make for the ideal skort silhouette. Every course differs, though, so be sure to check guidelines before skorting up.

4. Pockets: Simply said, no woman should golf without pockets. Golf skorts with pockets are one of the most requested items when shopping for skorts. When the essentials – like tees, ball markers, and extra balls – can be stashed instead of carried, you’re that much more free to dominate your game. Look for pockets that can store all your essentials and zip up to keep your items safe.

5. Color: Whether you like to stick with core basic golf skort colors like black skortswhite skortsnavy skorts or expand to bolder colors like green skortsred skortspink skorts and patterns, skorts are the perfect silhouette to show your golf personality.

Now’s the perfect time to take our skorts for a spin around the course. These beauties perform great on and off the green so you can flounce between the fairway and brunch with the girls at the 19th hole.

Get your skort on now!