Winter Golf Madness: Clean Out Your Old Golf Clothes Instead!

So you have a little time on your freshly washed hands? Getting a little stir crazy?

So are we.

Since team KINONA operates as a virtual team, we have the WFH (work from home) thing down pat. However, we are not immune (no pun intended) to getting cabin fever (intended) even under "normal" circumstances. It’s important to find ways to feel productive as winter approaches, the NEED to “winter golf” may be setting in, but depending on where you live, you might not be able to. Now's the time to shop, and an even better time to clean out your old golf clothes!

I am a closet cleaner. And by closet cleaner I don’t mean one who cleans secretly, but one who cleans closets. Before I got into the golf world, in my former life, I was a professional stylist and wardrobe "editor" to the rich and famous, helping them cull down their closets. I thought I’d use some of those mad skills and share with you my philosophy on editing your golf wardrobe. You can use the same rule of thumb for editing your entire wardrobe as well.

Let’s tee off

Think of your wardrobe in two different buckets:

1. Love: These are pieces that you wear all the time, the clothes that you love to wear golfing. The ones that make you feel confident, the ones that solicit a thousand compliments. If you happen to be getting a lot of compliments while constantly tugging at or fidgeting with the undershorts, see #2. This bucket is not to be confused with things like the shorts you’d wear if only they fit, or the pleated golf pants you adored 10 years ago when pleats were still en vogue. Your love pile should always include the following: black golf skort, navy golf skort, black or navy golf pants, long sleeve 3/4 zip top and a couple of collared tops - and maybe a golf dress.

2. Toss: These are pieces that have holes or stains, the ones that don’t fit quite right. If you own anything that takes your focus away from your game - skirts that make you wonder whether or not your bum is hanging out, tops that have you constantly tucking in your bra strap - toss those into the re-purpose pile.

Now what?

Look at your Love Pile. Consider each item carefully. Are these babies ready for the next season? Do each of your items in your "love" pile have matching golf tops and bottoms so that you can easily make an outfit? If you have a favorite item without a buddy, set it aside.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Did I pay a lot of money for a top that I haven’t worn in years?

Did I love this when I was 10 pounds lighter?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these, place those items into the toss pile and keep going...

Does every item in the Love Pile have buttons sewn tight? Is everything operational (i.e. zippers, elastic, etc.). Can it withstand another golf season?

Once you’ve culled your Love Pile, set it aside. Make a list of the items you love that are lacking a mate and figure out what you need to help make that outfit complete; you may already own something that would work - take a gander through your athleisure drawer for golf-appropriate tops; many products made from performance fabric are great for the course. If you come up empty-handed, shop at KINONA to round out your Love Pile.

Now, for the toss.

When it comes to the things you toss, this is your opportunity to give those pieces new life. Some items can be donated, some repurposed or recycled.

If you have a white skort that has seen better days or has red wine stains. It should go in the repurpose or recycle pile. So many of us go straight from the golf course to lunch, to the grocery store, or to a meeting. Showing up with a stained or holey shirt probably isn't putting your best foot forward.

For recycling, consider Ridwell picks up hard to recycle items (like apparel) and gives them new life. Check out their website to see if they serve your area!

If you’ve got any golf apparel with small stains or holes, or pieces you haven’t worn in at least a season, those are perfect for donation. We also know it can be difficult to part with those expensive jackets or pants that you bought at the golf resort when the weather wasn’t cooperating and you had to make an emergency purchase at the expensive golf shop. Consider donating your gently used golf apparel to your local The First Tee chapter, and please resist the temptation to keep something that you rarely wear just because it was expensive.

Now, bask in the feeling of clarity that can only come from cleaning out a closet (or even just a drawer). We look forward to helping you put more pieces into your Love Pile.

There you have it! Our tips on cleaning out your old golf clothes! If you’re reading this, and you’re going crazy without golf, we totally get it.

If you’re asking about winter golf, and how it’s done, don’t fear readers, there’s always an option. In times like today, asking Can you play golf in the winter? Can you golf during the pandemic? Can you golf from home? We get it - the answer is a resounding yes.


    1. Can you play golf in the winter? You sure can! You can find many local simulators or heated driving ranges, albeit, make sure it isn’t snowing - if it is, consider a different color from the snow.


    1. Can you golf during the pandemic? Yep! A lot of courses are still open!


  1. Can I golf from home? Sure can! Find a wall, hit the ball and hope you don’t hit any windows (joking, you can rent or buy simulators or putt tracks).

Thanks for reading, be sure to check out KINONA for any golf apparel you found missing from your love stash!