5 Tips for a Perfect Girls’ Golf Trip

For most women, a golf trip (with your favorite golf bottoms) is an opportunity to become immersed in everything the golf lifestyle has to offer. An itinerary that includes great dining, shopping, local attractions and spa time with your favorite people makes for the perfect trip.

Ready to plan your girls’ golf trip? Donna Hoffman, Founder of Women on Course shares her guide to maximize your fun girl getaway.

1. Start by choosing a location.

As the event mastermind for our community of women who love golf, I look for resort properties that offer the right number of amenities in desirable geographic locations.

Ideally the overnight accommodations are within walking distance, or a shuttle ride away from the golf clubhouse and other activities. Everyone in the group will have more flexibility and get the most out of her vacation when you are not relying on shared transportation. There are less logistics to arrange if someone wants to stop after 9 holes and spend an afternoon by the pool, or turn in early while others dance the night away.

Time of year is another consideration in choosing the ideal location. Look at the weather history to give your fair-weather golfers the best shot for great golf conditions. If price is a factor, plan your trip during off peak times to take advantage of lower golf and hotel rates.

2. Pick accommodations that match your priorities.

One of the main attractions of a girlfriend's golf trip is ample time for quality conversation. Consider golf properties that offer spacious villa and cottage style arrangements. While your group can gather in the clubhouse or around a firepit, a cottage provides a private space for more boisterous or intimate conversations. No need to squeeze into someone’s sleeping room when you can get into jammies and spread out in a shared living space and talk into the night.

3. Decide: Bring or rent?

I’m often asked if it’s better to bring or rent clubs. The answer depends on what you are hoping to get out of your golf game and the ‘travel hassle factor’ you’re willing to handle. If you’re focused on your golf performance, you may want to play with our own equipment. A direct flight helps ensure your clubs arrive when you do. Or, you can eliminate the airport altogether and arrange a service such as Ship Sticks for door-to-door golf bag transportation.

Renting clubs is a great way to try a new brand of clubs and avoid an extra piece of oversized luggage. Most golf courses have a limited number of rental sets suitable for women, so be sure to check availability and reserve ahead of time.

4. Don’t stress different golf-abilities.

Likely, the golfers in your group will have different abilities – but that’s no reason to shy away from playing on championship courses! Part of the appeal of golf travel is the thrill of playing bucket list courses and taking in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

At Women on Course, we encourage our recreational golfers to toss the scorecard and Play Their Own Way. As long as everyone in the group is keeping a good pace of play and practicing golf etiquette, everyone can participate. To keep things moving, I often share extra tips during our travel events to help everyone be a popular player.

5. Avoid overpacking with a few easy steps.

The benefit of golf apparel is that fabrics are chosen for movement and comfort. This extends your golf wardrobe into double duty pieces for almost any occasion. I start by picking out golf staples in my go-to base color – navy, along with a few complimentary whites – for pants, shorts, tops (see our top women's golf tops) and jackets (also see our top jackets for women). Next, I’ll pack fun patterns for golf, and some of my non-golf favorites (bathing suit, jean jacket, scarf). Toss in a golf hat and sunglasses, and I’m ready to create all the outfits I’ll need.

Traveling with golf bags may reduce the space for luggage, so you can take some shortcuts to avoid overpacking. Get two uses from your golf apparel. Accessorize a base color golf top for women or bottom for dinner and reuse that piece in your golf outfit the following day.

If you plan to work out or do a lot of walking on your trip, consider golfing in sneakers to cut down on the number of shoes you pack. Wear a bulkier shoe for travel and pack a neutral color sandal to complete all your non-golfing outfits.

Don’t overlook the packing cubes! Not only does it make it easy to pack and find your underwear, but you can bring a pouch to the golf course or pool if you need a change of clothes.

All that’s left: A bon voyage!

There’s nothing better than a getaway with women who share your love of the game! We’d love to help connect you to a community of people who share your golf and lifestyle interest, and maybe even a golf trip. Now’s a great time to join Women on Course – currently offering a free KINONA shrug when you join their vibrant community!

Safe and fun travels! Share your girls golf weekend with us #mykinonastyle and get featured!