Choosing the Right Outfit for Your Golf Foursome

Is anything better than a day on the course with three of your best golf buddies? The downtime between holes to catch up, the friendly competition, the sisterly support and commiseration when you are stuck in the cabbage, the post game sips at the 19th hole…

Maybe one thing can make it a more perfect day: When your foursome is sporting matching or complimentary outfits, strutting your style together. Wearing coordinating outfits can give your golf foursome some cohesion, plus it’s an opportunity to share your personality and add some fun to the game.

An adorable golf foursome paired in KINONA on their way to Pebble Beach. 

But choosing the right outfit is also a bit challenging as you need to find the best fit for the different body types and comfort levels of your golf girlfriends.

Here are some ideas to stoke your creative fires and motivate the outfit plan for your next golf date.

Matching Polo Shirts

The golf polo is a classic that fits every body shape and style. With sleek lines and traditional collars, choosing the right shirt comes down to identifying the shared style you want to show off.

Pick a polo shirt in a bright, fun color or pattern that compliments every lady in the foursome. Then each player can pair it with the coordinating solid bottoms of their choice. Whether your friends opt for sporty shorts, slimming golf pants, or a flirty skort, every person in your foursome can choose the cuts that suit them best.

With some golf tops, like KINONA, you can find prints and colors available in varying sleeve lengths. This ensures each woman can be comfortable in their top so they can play their best.

Colorful Skorts

Skorts are a great option for a foursome of players since they combine the fashion of a skirt with the function of shorts. Skorts give your group the best of both worlds! They provide comfort, and allow for more movement while keeping your legs cool and comfortable during hot afternoons on the course.

Choose a colorful skort in a bright color or fun pattern and pair it with a solid color polo shirt. Remember to check the regulations at the club you’ll be playing to ensure your skort length is allowed. KINONA  skorts come in two lengths so you can find the best option for your group and course.

Golf Dresses

Golf dresses: the perfect one-and-done when planning matching golf outfits. Each woman can get the size that fits their body best, personalize it with leggings, long sleeve top, or jacket, and show up to play looking polished, no matter how early the tee time.

The best part of wearing a dress for golfing is that you’ll look put-together but no one will suspect how comfortable you are. When planning the outfits for your foursome, a golf dress requires no mixing or matching either.

Look for dresses that are made of moisture-wicking fabric and include an attached  shortie for modesty. This keeps you free from accidental exposure when you bend down to line up a putt.

Patterned Pants:

We don’t mean full-on John Daly style but classy patterns that stand out from the crowd can bring lightness and fun to your look. If your group selected a patterned shirt, consider pairing with brightly colored golf pants to add the perfect pop to your foursome’s outfit.

Look for pants that feature a slimming, wide waistband to give each player a sleek silhouette. Whether your group goes with a casual jogger, classic tailored slack, or snappy trousers, pants are a golf standard and you can never go wrong with these for early morning rounds, cooler days, or under a dress, skirt or skort to keep your legs warm between shots.

No matter what outfit you choose for your group, there are some standard features to look out for when shopping for golf clothes. Make sure the fabric is moisture-wicking for maximum comfort and look for clothing that offers at least 50+ UPF sun protection. If shopping online, buy from retailers (like KINONA!) who offer easy and free shipping and returns just in case someone in your party needs to size up or down.

A fun foursome showing off their KINONA pink and fancy hats. 

Last but not least, remind your friends to accessorize their outfits. Even though you’ll be sporting a similar style, completing the look with a hat, sunglasses, or jewelry can set you apart and show off personal tastes.

Start building an outfit for your golf foursome.