Dressed for Real-Life: Why You Need Women’s Golf Dresses from KINONA

Your day doesn’t stop at the 18th hole. So your golf clothes can’t stop when you leave the club. They need to be built to transition to life outside the fairway.

As a women-owned company our priority is making functional and fashionable golf clothes for the modern woman. There’s a lot that sets our brand apart from other women’s golf clothing - our fabricsdesignssustainabilityvaluesinclusivity, – but also our fashion sense can go anywhere. Whether you are walking the course, riding a cart, or grabbing lunch with friends, you do it in style with KINONA. For women’s golf attire, dresses are the consummate women’s golf outfit.

Our summer golf dresses are the stand-out in our collection. Your summer golf game practically demands a dress. Let’s discuss the many perks of this golf wardrobe staple.

Here’s why you need to stock up on KINONA golf dresses:

They’re easy to throw on

Imagine you’ve got an early tee time to make. Getting dressed and out the door needs to happen in record time. With a golf dress on hand, just throw it on over your head (no zippers required) and, go! – you’ll look polished and no one will realize how comfy you are. No mixing or matching - just a well-thought-out golf outfit. Think of a golf dress as the best looking time-saver in the game.

So. much. comfort.

When designed right, dresses are pure comfort. There’s only one piece to deal with. You don’t have to worry about unintentionally flashing your midriff or tugging at bottoms that ride up when you're teeing off. KINONA’s golf dresses take comfort to the next level, thanks to our ultra-luxe Italian fabric. It’s super-soft to the touch and enables easy movement in all directions. And, surprise: these dresses actually have waistbands, too. They’re hidden, as part of the attached shortie that’s included beneath each KINONA dress. The high waistband’s magical smoothing powers add to the general long, lean silhouette these dresses create. Flattering comfort for the win, ladies.

Bring on the trains, planes, and automobiles

Didn’t think you could travel in a women’s golf dress? Think again. We are committed to providing women with products that don’t look like traditional women’s golf clothing. Stylish versatility is the name of the game here, which is why every piece of KINONA apparel holds its own off the golf course – dresses especially. With 4-way stretch comfort and stay-put shapes, KINONA golf dresses are built to take on all the obstacles of travel, including but not limited to hauling bags, racing to catch connections, and sitting for hours at a time. Just top off your dress with a jacket or shrug and pull leggings or thigh highs underneath and you’re set to cruise through any travel day in super-comfortable style.

They’re transitional to a tee

Repeat after us: There is life after 18 holes. And after you sink that last putt, you can get back to it right away, without having to stop and change your clothes. KINONA products are designed for women who have a lot going on in their lives. We aren’t just golfing – we’re golfing, carpooling, leading meetings, making lunches, helping friends, and everything in between. Rather than wasting valuable time transitioning from one look to another to match every commitment of any given day, we say, why not wear one hyper-versatile (and comfortable!) look that can do the transitioning for you? Exactly.

Have we mentioned the shorties?

No accidental exposure here. Every KINONA women’s golf dress comes with a sneaky shortie that’s attached to the inside of the dress. The shortie is made of super-breathable mesh material to keep you cool “down there,” and topped with the smoothing waistband that KINONA fans know and love. The waistband sits high and flattens in all the right places.

If KINONA golf dresses sound like the right fit for you, good news – they come in a range of colors and sizes (XXS - XXL). Take a look for yourself, then take on, well, everything in style.

Stock your closet with summer golf dresses now.