Female Athletes: Dress on Your Own Terms

What are female athletes wearing? Whatever we damned well please!  

As women in golf, our ears might perk up at the speed of light when we hear others commenting on what female athletes can and cannot wear. In a sport notorious for its stringent bylaws about how long our shorts can be, whether we can bare our shoulders, and whether we’re allowed to wear skirts on the fairway, it’s a tune every woman on the fairway knows well.

In the last few weeks with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics taking place, it’s all we hear! And frankly, we’re outraged. In the last few weeks:

We’d say enough is enough, but guess what, this conversation has been going on for 100+ years! Back in 1919, Suzanne Lenglen shocked fans at Wimbledon in a calf-length skirt and no petticoat.

Is it too much to ask that spectators and officials keep the commentary on performance? Can we end the sexualization and bullying of female athletes, a double standard that surely can retire? Can we thank these women for the thankless task of shifting the paradigm and holding their ground?

At KINONA, we believe we can achieve all of these things. We are out to change the way women are treated in the sport of golf, by offering fun styles made by female golfers, for female golfers. Each of our products is fit-tested for active golfing, using input from golf pros and customers to continually improve product performance.

Ladies, dress on your own terms. And kick-ass out there! Shop Now!