Five Reasons to Try KINONA Women’s Golf Wear

Golf attire has been dominated for decades by the prevailing assumption that golf is a men’s game. But as KINONA founders, Dianne and Tami were watching more and more women trying golf, they knew that women, themselves included, deserved better.

But what makes KINONA different from other women’s golf apparel brands joining the market? The answer is A LOT. Let’s take a look at why KINONA is a cut above the rest starting with the founding belief that women deserve to look fashionable and have functional golf clothing that can perform.

1. Fabric

Our fabric is from Italy, the land of taste and style, which sets it apart from other sportswear thanks to the ultra-luxe quality. It's smooth and silky on your skin and features 4-way stretch to move with you on the course.

Plus, while many of our competitors use 100% polyester, most of our Italian fabrics, sourced from the women-owned company, Carvico, combine ECONYL® high quality regenerated nylon with lycra for superior fit, feel and performance.

When you choose KINONA, you are looking out for our planet and the impacts of fashion on our environment. We give you eco-friendly golf attire that feels great without using non-renewable resources or adding harmful or toxic substances to the environment. You can't get this fabric anywhere else in the world. It looks beautiful wash after wash and will stand up to the toughest courses.

“As a fabric artist, I'm a huge fan of the fabric. I have two pairs of pants that feel like butter. It’s high time women took over golf fashion.“ - Penny C., KINONA customer

2. Comfort

We opted to use higher-end fabrics not for higher prices but because we strongly believe our customers deserve optimal comfort and performance. 

When you wear KINONA golf clothes, you notice a level of comfort you don’t get from cheaper women’s golf clothing. Our moisture-wicking, quick drying materials keep you cool and comfortable whether the sun is out or you’re layered up on cool mornings.

The fabrics are antimicrobial too which means bacteria and microorganisms won’t attach to them, keeping your body healthy and prolonging the life of the clothing. These small but useful features of the materials we source ensure that every piece is truly functional fashion. It’s just one more reason why KINONA has a fan following that includes pros alongside casual players. Our clothing performs with you, swing after swing.

3. Fit

Our clothing line is made to help women play their best game every time they step on the course so our team is methodical about the fit of each piece. Sure, we can add extra pockets or other functional touches but not at the expense of the shape and design of the clothing. 

We incorporate feedback from professional and amateur players including our founders who are lifelong golfers to ensure a fit that’s always a hole in one.

Women don’t want loose armholes or boxy hems on tops so we focus on how our styles will perform on every body. This is an attention to detail that means something in a world of fast fashion. From wider waistbands that offer slimming support and give a beautiful silhouette to every shape, women can feel fabulous and put together whether they are shooting a hole in one or stuck in a sandtrap.

4. Design

KINONA clothes have a personality that’s directly impacted by what’s in the market of high-end apparel. We sought out an expert designers to bring a keen fashion sense. 

Influenced by art, pop culture and nature, they pulls from different influences when designing for the KINONA consumer, leaning into a modern vintage vibe that adds a fresh perspective to the women's golf industry.

The impact of their passion for fashion is apparent in our clothing. Each collection takes cues from the runway. From bright, fun colors and statement prints, every KINONA collection features unique and classic pieces. You can build from a solid foundation of basic pieces and colors that reappear across seasons. Our whole line compliments itself moving forward which allows women to create the perfect mix and match golf wardrobe.

5. Sun Protection

Whether you’re relaxing on the clubhouse patio or playing in full summer sun, KINONA clothing provides 50+ UPF protection to keep your skin safe. KINONA is all about ensuring you are ready to tackle any hazard you face on the fairway, from cool weather to beating sun. That’s why we offer dual purpose leg and arm coverage that can be easily tossed in your golf bag.

Combined with our moisture-wicking material, each piece is designed to keep you cool when the heat is on, blocking 98% of the sun's harmful rays.

We set out to upset the women’s golf apparel industry by offering functional high-quality golfwear. And we know we’re achieving our goal when we get feedback like this:

“As soon as I tried it on, I fell in love. Well worth every penny. You won’t regret this purchase. I’m hooked.“ - Diane M., KINONA customer

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