Our Top Tips for a Golf Closet Clean Out

Refresh Your Golf Closet!

If you’re like us, you love fashion and keeping up with new styles. But that might mean your golf closet gets out of control pretty quickly. Here are our best tips to restore order and declutter your closet while maintaining the golf wardrobe you love.

Take an Inventory

Start with an inventory. For this, divide your wardrobe two ways. First, sort by category: tops, bottoms, warm weather, cold weather, etc. Then, go through each category sorting into two buckets: love or toss.

  • Love is the pieces you reach for all the time, the ones that make you feel comfortable and confident. The clothes that get all the compliments and also fit you perfectly, that don’t have you tugging or rearranging them constantly on your body. This pile should always include golf wardrobe staples like solid navy or black skorts and pants, a couple collared tops with varying sleeve lengths, a dress, and one or two pieces of outerwear for layering.
  • Toss is anything that no longer fits or items that don’t fit the love list. Toss anything with holes, stains, stretched-out fabrics or that doesn’t make you feel confident when wearing. Any piece that bothers you or interferes with your performance can be let go.


Getting your wardrobe ready for the next golf season means inspecting items in your love pile to ensure they’re ready for the fairway. Does each piece easily pair with others to make an outfit? Are all the items in working order (i.e. no sticky zippers or loose buttons). If something needs some TLC, it’s best to make repairs before you try to reach for them on your way out the door. Then pair pieces into outfits so you can get ready effortlessly for those early morning tee times. If you have items that don’t easily pair with others, you can always find a perfect match with KINONA’s basics as well as our standout patterns. Each piece is made to match and compliment each other so making outfits is simple. The fun part is getting to round out your Love pile by shopping for a few new pieces!

Sell or Donate

One of the best parts of a closet clean-out is giving new life to pieces you don’t love. Items in the Toss pile can be donated, repurposed, or recycled.

One option is to sell your gently loved pieces on a website like Mercari or Poshmark or locally with Facebook Marketplace. Then you can add any cash you make from sales to your budget to buy new pieces.

For other pieces in your toss pile, consider donating so others get some joy from them. Resist the urge to put an item back in your love pile simply because it was pricey. If it’s not love, let it go.

Gently used golf apparel is often accepted at local First Tee chapters and GreenDrop is an option offering pick-up and drop-off locations. They distribute items between many different charities to best meet community needs.


Now for the fun part: adding new pieces to your love pile. As you start refreshing your golf wardrobe with new pieces, consider the reasons you love the items in your love pile. As you shop, look for these cuts, styles, and features. Being intentional about the functional and fashionable aspects of your favorite items helps you avoid a closet overrun with impulse buys that don’t meet your wardrobe needs.

Make sure your closet has all the golf essentials you’ll need for the season like visors and skorts for warm days and pieces that layer easily for cooler weather. And don’t forget sun protection!

Now go kick some grass this season and feel great doing it in everything from your refreshed golf closet!


KINONA is made by women golfers, for women golfers. Founded in 2017 by friends and corporate executives-turned-entrepreneurs, Dianne Celuch and Tami Fujii, KINONA is committed to making golf more accessible and fun for all women by bringing chic, contemporary, and functional fashion to the fairway. KINONA’s fun, course-tested styles made with Italian fabrics, sun protection, and signature features like tee holders and back pockets, shift the paradigm of “appropriate golf attire” and inspire women to play their game, their way.

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