Turn the Heat Up on Your Winter Golf Game with KINONA Layers

It may be cold outside, baby, but the weather doesn’t need to dampen your style.

As seasons change and winter arrives, our collection of golf jackets and vests prove that your personal style doesn’t have to go cold just because the temperatures have.

So, what sets KINONA’s cold weather gear apart from the crowd? (Hint: It’s not just our fabrics, designs, sustainability, values, and inclusivity!)

It all comes down to performance. When we work with our dedicated designer, Jarlath Mellett, the goal is to create functional clothes that can perform while looking sleek and stylish.

So, let’s talk about layers for your winter golf game.

Even if you live below the Mason-Dixon and enjoy an extended (or non-stop) golf season, temperatures can drop quickly on the fairway. It’s essential that you have easily packable layers that won’t weigh down your already-too-heavy golf bag.

When you layer clothing, every piece serves a function and it’s important to understand each so you can stay as comfortable as possible when stepping up to a frosty tee box. KINONA long-sleeved tops make an excellent base layer featuring moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric to draw sweat away from your skin.

The Middle Layer

Layer Me Up Vest - White

The middle layer should be insulating but also allow you to move with ease. KINONA vests are the perfect piece to warm your core while leaving arms free and flexible - a must for any golfer. Each KINONA vest is made with Italian fabric, lightweight quilting, and flattering details so you look great while swinging and moving (and staying warm!). Our Take the Chill Off vest is a staple wardrobe piece in basic black and navy blue to compliment any style.

“I love this vest! It goes well with my other Kinona clothes and totally completes my outfit!” - Diane M.

“My new fav! As a person who runs chilly this is a fantastic find and looks amazing. Compliments everything, not bulky at all, super flattering and functional. J’adore!” - Heidi K.

The Outermost Layer

Pack and Play Lightweight Golf Jacket - Black

For the outermost layer, it’s important to choose a piece that will protect you and your other layers from the elements. Our Pack and Play Lightweight Golf Jacket is one you’ll want for mild or drizzly days. It’s lightweight and luxurious, loaded with technical features. This jacket checks all the boxes. Water resistant? Yep. Sports an attached hood? Of course! Zippered Pockets? A KINONA Standard. Plus this stylish jacket folds into a pouch to easily toss in your golf bag when the sun makes an appearance. Talk about having it all… and our customers agree!

“So comfortable! Looks and moves great. My go-to for many different occasions. A must have!” - Heidi K.

When golfing in inclement weather or unfavorable conditions, you could be up against strong winds, decreased visibility, and seriously chilly temps. That’s why a functional, heavy outer layer is a crucial piece in your golf wardrobe. For this final layer, look for materials that have some give, like KINONA’s super stretching woven fabric, a light fill and quilted designs. Our Quilted and Cozy Golf Jacket is ideal for keeping you warm during morning frost delays. The jacket provides great warmth without all the bulk.

The Top Layer

Polished For Play Golf Jacket -Black

The final element of a top layer is, of course, to serve a fashion function. We all want to look great even with bundled up to battle the elements. The KINONA Polished For Play Golf Jacket sports our luxurious Italian fabric in a cut that is classy and refined. The name itself says it all. This jacket is ready to pair with your favorite golf wear or even a blouse and slacks for more formal occasions.

“Love my new black jacket. Nice enough for an evening out and cozy too.” - Linda H.

As you’ve come to love and expect from our brand, each design is meant to give you a functional flair with nods to the runway. The vibrant colors and patterns of our Layer Me Up Vest ensure you’ll be visible (and attention-grabbing) even on the dreariest of days. It’s beautifully vibrant and pops with color and style. Our To The Nines Golf Jacket features classy bell-cut ¾ sleeves and a stand up mock neck to give your style a fashion-forward vibe.

No matter where your winter golf game takes you (hopefully not into total hibernation!), KINONA’s got the layers you’ll love. Even if you hit the road or follow the snowbirds to warmer climates, you’ll find a comfy option in our Polished for Play in White. This casual, packable alternative gives a laid-back "faux" layered appearance that’s sporty and travel-ready.

KINONA Golf Jackets

Fun Fact: Did you know that a warm golf ball travels further? It’s true! That’s why all KINONA jackets and vests (and most of our bottoms and tops!) feature zippered pockets. Of course, keeping golf balls warm isn’t their only purpose. Our pockets are roomy enough to keep your hands toasty between holes, because we know how hard it is to hold a club with cold hands.

As you plan your winter capsule wardrobe, be sure to add KINONA golf jackets and vests to your list. From now through next golf season, all eyes in the gallery will be on fashionable, wonderful you!

Heat up your winter fashion game with KINONA Jackets and Vests.